Dog Home School Training Programs in Columbus Ohio

Training that is tailored to your dog’s needs in the comfort of their own home!

Have daily training done in the convenience and comfort of your own home. During our Homeschool Program, a trainer will come to your house Monday-Friday.
Reale Dog Training Home School Training

Do you want your best friend to stay at home with you and learn the same skills through positive reinforcement as in a board & train program?

Our Homeschool is designed with our board & train program in mind, however there are a few added benefits to doing it at home. Some of these advantages are:
Lower to no risk of communicable diseases, increased comfort for your dog because they can sleep in their own home and they learn in a familiar environment.

Common Problems We Help with During Home School



Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience

We have a Home School package to fit any budget!

Every home school curriculum is custom built based on your specific needs. After the program, the skills your dog learned through clicker training will be transferred to you in your home during the included follow up sessions.

This is great for owners that do not want to be away from their dog for weeks at a time, dogs that may be too nervous in a kennel and young puppies between 8-16 weeks of age!

Basic Training (5 Days)

Basic Training (5 Days)


Basic training is perfect for any dog that just needs a little help! You will be surprised the progress that we can make in just a few days of structured training with any pup!

Gold Training (10 Days)

Gold Training (10 Days)


Gold training is our most popular home school and train package! This is best suited for owners that need more advanced skills for their K9’s!

Platinum Training (15 Days)

Platinum Training (15 Days)


Learn to speak their language and understand their needs. If their needs are met, they’ll meet yours as well. Ideal for owners wanting advanced behaviors, or a multitude of basic behaviors.

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Dog training is a process of understanding the pups emotional state, body language and reinforcing appropriate behavior. In turn, the dog learns how to understand and communicate with you. Our expert trainers will help create a life lasting human-animal bond that will keep both ends of the leash working together to create perfection in training.

KPA CTP Certified Trainers

Consults with The Ohio State University Veterinary Behaviorists for In-Depth Cases

17 Years of Dog Training Experience

The ONLY Board & Train program in Columbus that exclusively uses positive reinforcement training and has veterinarians on site

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Teaching your dog to listen is simple!

Process Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Tell us about your dog, your goals and your progress. This will enable us to determine the best program for your dog!

Process Step 2

Choose the Right Package

From the completely hands off board & train package to you teaching your dog in group classes, we offer every level of involvement to fit your lifestyle.

Process Step 3

Love Life with Your Dog

After training with us, you will have better lines of communication with your dog and be comfortable integrating them into your everyday life.

Happy Pet Parent Stories

We love reinventing how our clients live their lives with their pups!

“Reale Dog Training has worked with my dogs both in our yard/neighborhood and at their training center. Reale Dog Training came to me with the highest possible recommendations from a rescue group with high standards and from veterinary professionals. To the words, professional, reliable, and responsive, I would add knowledgeable, effective, and caring. My dogs began making progress immediately. Because of the positive approach, both dogs love each member of the team and are thrilled to see them for each session. I appreciate that they listen to me and that my observations are used when they make training decisions. Their business practices are professional and the pricing is fair. I feel safe working with them with their stringent pandemic safety protocols. Reale Dog Training has my highest recommendation.”

Deb Logan