Professional Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio

We’re dog people, just like you!

Let us help you teach your dog as the only entirely positive-reinforcement dog training program based in Gahanna, Ohio! We teach your dog to understand working with you leads to everything that they want in life through positive, clicker based treat training! To us, dog training is so much more than a profession, it’s our mission to help every pup love living a full life with their owners!

Professional Dog Trainers In Columbus Ohio

Work with a trainer you can trust to treat your dog like one of their own!

Reale Dog Training Mission

We help your dog live its best life! Dogs are truly man’s best friends, and we want to help your pup live a fulfilled life and empower you to bring them everywhere so you can build a strong life-lasting human-animal bond!

Meet the Reale Dog Training Team!

Phil Reale, KPA CTP

Phil is a certified training partner from the Karen Pryor Academy! Phil started training pups in 2006 through volunteering in The Ohio State Universities Puppy Kindergarten classes. After working with the OSU animal behaviorists Phil found his love of dog training and has never looked back.

Phil has helped Animal Care Center at Cherry Way build a behavioral department since 2010. With over 17 years of experience, Phil understands the struggles the average pet owner experiences, and proactively helps prevent unwanted behaviors before they ever form! To Phil it’s all about improving the relationship with an owner and their dog!

Phil Reale, Owner & Certified Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer
Sarah Sams | Manager

Sarah Sams


As a Columbus native, Sarah has always loved dogs and the relationships built by integrating a pup into everyday family life! Graduating KPA in 2021, Sarah loves helping owners build that human-animal bond through clear channels of communication. Sarah finds working with the board and train clients the most rewarding, and helping owners choose what program will be best suited for their dog. It’s incredible how Reale Dog Training can help change a pup parent’s life in just one or two weeks!

Leah DeShon | Lead Trainer

Leah DeShon, KPA CTP

Lead Trainer

Leah started her pet career as a dog walker! After teaching so many dogs to walk with a loose leash, Leah knew she could help more pups than just her usual customers. Now Leah helps clients with dog aggression, basic obedience, or reactivity through teaching rewarding educational puppy classes and leading the training for Board & Train! Leah has graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy.

Kirsten Carver | Marketing

Kirsten Carver


Kirsten joined the Reale Dog Training Team in 2020 as our Marketing Professional. She captures absolutely adorable moments and every picture, video and infographic you see is her work! She is also the creator of all of the Reale Dog Training Merchandise. With Kirsten’s help, we can showcase the benefits of positive reinforcement training! The dogs in class love to see Kirsten coming with her camera because they know it means lots of tasty treats. Kirsten is a graduate of Ohio University. She is obsessed with her bunny named Cinnabun and her dog Milo.

Lisa | Trainer

Lisa Martin


Lisa has trained horses, goats, cats and dogs using positive reinforcement techniques. She has competed in Agility and Obedience and earned a Companion Dog CCDS Title, and Therapy and Canine Good Citizen Dog certifications. She is currently enrolled in Karen Pryor Academy. She is set to graduate Karen Pryor Academy and become a Certified Training Partner in September 2021.

Miranda | Trainer

Miranda Morris


Miranda has always had a passion working with animals. She went to The Ohio State University with a focus of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, then went to the National Ranger Training Institute with a focus of becoming a National Park Ranger in the K-9 Unit. Upon graduating, she volunteered at a few local animal shelters and realized where her education could best serve the community. She has worked with dogs for over a decade, and believes in science-based and backed positive-reinforcement training stretches the human-dog bond; and our canine companions learn quicker and retain information when training is positive, fun, and voluntary.

Miranda currently has 2 black cats, Cassette and Microphone, and a Border Collie named Radio.

Beamer | Mentor Dog

Beamer, KPA CTP

Mentor Dog

Beamer started working with Phil in 2019 after 5 different trainers couldn’t understand how to communicate with him. Now that Beamer works at Reale Dog Training, he mentors dogs on how to behave in scary situations and works cases with Phil to help dogs that are reactive to other dogs. Beamer used to be reactive to other dogs too, but Phil taught him from the ground up that other dogs are not so scary. It’s hard work but some-doggy has to do it!

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Dog training is a process of understanding the pups emotional state, body language and reinforcing appropriate behavior. In turn, the dog learns how to understand and communicate with you. Our expert trainers will help create a life lasting human-animal bond that will keep both ends of the leash working together to create perfection in training.

KPA CTP Certified Trainers

Consults with The Ohio State University Veterinary Behaviorists for In-Depth Cases

17 Years of Dog Training Experience

The ONLY Board & Train program in Columbus that exclusively uses positive reinforcement training and has veterinarians on site

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Teaching your dog to listen is simple!

Process Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Tell us about your dog, your goals and your progress. This will enable us to determine the best program for your dog!

Process Step 2

Choose the Right Package

From the completely hands off board & train package to you teaching your dog in group classes, we offer every level of involvement to fit your lifestyle.

Process Step 3

Love Life with Your Dog

After training with us, you will have better lines of communication with your dog and be comfortable integrating them into your everyday life.

Happy Pet Parent Stories

We love reinventing how our clients live their lives with their pups!

“As much as we love our dogs, we were having major issues with their behavior that we could not get under control. Having tried a few dog trainers, reading countless articles on the internet, and virtually everything else, we could not find a solution to improve their behavior. Whether it was jumping on people, asset guarding, incessant barking, urinating in the house, and/or the potential to bite, we were at a complete loss.

A friend referred us to Phil Reale, owner of Reale Dog Training. At first I was reluctant, as we had tried other recommended trainers, yet with our situation I was willing to give it “one last shot”.

From the onset, I noticed an immediate difference in Phil’s process compared to other trainers. The initial meeting was consultation and evaluation. Following Phil’s assessment of our dogs “issues”, he mapped out a detailed plan to address and correct our dog’s behavior.

Our dogs have made incredible progress over the past 3 months. Phil’s plan, coupled with ongoing training which he taught us, has resulted an incredible change in our dog’s behavior. Again, Phil takes the time to create a detailed plan to address each situation. I am incredibly happy with the progress our dogs have made in a relatively short period of time. If you follow Phil Reale’s process you will get the same exceptional results with your dog(s).”

Greg Williams