Dog Training Classes in Columbus Ohio

Train your dog in a social group setting.

Save on training with cost effective group training classes. Reinforce healthy socialization with groups of trustworthy dogs. Choose from classes based around your dogs age and needs.

Notice: All dogs must be vaccinated before attending the first day of class to protect other pups! If you dog is not vaccinated, consider our In-Home Training Program.

Dog Training Classes Columbus Ohio

Prepare your dog for a lifetime of distractions by training in a social environment.

Group classes teach your dog to focus on you even when there are other people and pups around! Set your dog up for success by conditioning them to listen when there are distractions all around them.

Dog Training Classes We Offer At Our Gahanna Location

Our classes start with puppy socialization and build through to obedience training. For the best results, work with your pup at home in between classes and build their confidence in new training environments. After you graduate one class, you can take the next to keep building your relationship and skills with your pup!

Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes

Dogs Age: 8-12 Weeks | Duration: 5 Weeks | Wednesdays 7:00 pm | $125

Puppy class is one of the most important decisions you can make to set you new best friend up for a lifetime of success. Puppy class is all about socialization. When puppies are very young they need to learn that new people, places and things are safe! This class introduces your pup and you to new concepts and skills that will help you develop a positive relationship for years to come. We even cover topics like potty training, nail trimming, and a few basic obedience behaviors. Take our puppy class to prevent undesirable behaviors before they start.

Core Curriculum:

Potty Training

Crate Training

Socialization to Objects

Exposure to Veterinary Exam Tables and Kennels

Socialization with Other Dogs and People

Learn How to Keep Your Puppy from Play Biting

Learn to Teach Your Pup to Sit and Stay

Adolescent Classes

Dogs Age: 13-17 Weeks | Duration: 5 Weeks | Tuesdays 7:00 pm | $125

Adolescent class is the perfect follow-up to our puppy classes. Keep your momentum and keep learning as your puppy is growing up. This is a very important time in your puppies life and putting in the work now, will pay off later. Puppies will learn to socialize appropriately and learn healthy ways to play with one another. In this class we continue to build on the core concepts learned in puppy training and begin introducing obedience to your growing pup.

Core Curriculum:

Leash Walking

Sit and Stay


Adolescence Classes
Basic Obedience Classes

Basic Obedience

Dogs Age: 5+ Months | Duration: 6 Weeks | $250

Learn to teach your dogs key obedience skills. We cover everything you need to master obedience in this 6 week basic obedience class. This class is taught using clicker training. Clickers will be provided to you on the first night. Build on everything you learned in adolescent class and experience the rewards of teaching your dog to interact with you and visitors. Basic obedience training is the key to integrating your dog into your everyday life.


Core Curriculum:

Owners Only Orientation (Clicker Training 101)

Sit and Stay

Greeting Visitors

"Free Class" with Owner's Choice of Focus

Come When Called

Loose Leash Walking

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Dog training is a process of understanding the pups emotional state, body language and reinforcing appropriate behavior. In turn, the dog learns how to understand and communicate with you. Our expert trainers will help create a life lasting human-animal bond that will keep both ends of the leash working together to create perfection in training.

KPA CTP Certified Trainers

Consults with The Ohio State University Veterinary Behaviorists for In-Depth Cases

17 Years of Dog Training Experience

The ONLY Board & Train program in Columbus that exclusively uses positive reinforcement training and has veterinarians on site

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Teaching your dog to listen is simple!

Process Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Tell us about your dog, your goals and your progress. This will enable us to determine the best program for your dog!

Process Step 2

Choose the Right Package

From the completely hands off board & train package to you teaching your dog in group classes, we offer every level of involvement to fit your lifestyle.

Process Step 3

Love Life with Your Dog

After training with us, you will have better lines of communication with your dog and be comfortable integrating them into your everyday life.

Happy Pet Parent Stories

We love reinventing how our clients live their lives with their pups!

“I have known Phil for years as a technician at our vet. When I heard that he was stepping away from that position to start a dog training company I had no doubt that he would be exactly what a lot of dog owners would need! Fast forward to when we found ourselves needing a trainer. (FYI…when you lose a 17 year old Shih Tzu and your husband has a great idea to get a German Shorthair Pointer you will definitely question your sanity!)

Phil is a very patient, understanding and dog-loving human. He has an ability to convey “why” things are happening the way that they are and gives solutions for change. His method of training never includes fear or infliction of pain on the animal. That is HUGE for me. I want our dog to behave because he is rewarded in a positive way, not because he is afraid of the consequences.

Max (our GSP) is just a work in progress by nature of the breed. We were not surprised, we did our research on his personality/energy level and disposition… but I think that asking for Phil’s help was a necessity.

In theory everyone wants a well behaved dog. But not everyone is willing to put the time and energy into making that happen. So you need to be realistic. This training with Phil is the tools that you need to start the process. It won’t happen overnight but with consistency and effort, I think that Phil (and his associates at Reale Dog Training) are the perfect starting point. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Kristin Mckenzie