Professional Dog Training in Columbus Ohio

Learn to speak your dog’s language from an expert, local dog trainer.

Teach your dog to listen to you through science-based positive reinforcement training. Integrate your dog into every aspect of your life. Finally bring your dog with you everywhere, without fear of them being too much to handle, or even worse, getting hurt. You and your pup can do everything together with just a little bit of help from our professional dog training program based in Gahanna, Ohio.

(Shock Collars are never an option)

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainer
Professional Dog Training in Columbus Ohio

You can teach your dog to listen, you just need a little help.

Change your life, and build skills to do everything that you want to be able to do with your dog. Dog training might feel frustrating, but every dog is capable of learning. Your dog is good, they just need the right teacher to help them listen. Dog Training is all about having the ability to clearly communicate with your pup!

Reale Benefits for You and Your Pet

Integrate Your Dog Into Every Day Life

Integrate Your Dog Into Every Day Life

With proper training, your dog will be ready to join you and your family for activities out in the world.

Only Positive Reinforcement Training

Only Positive Reinforcement Training

The professional team at Reale Dog Training use only positive reinforcement as a means of training your dog.

Learn to Clearly Communicate with Your Dog

Learn to Clearly Communicate with Your Dog

Learn to speak their language and understand their needs. If their needs are met, they’ll meet yours as well.

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Dog training is a process of understanding the pups emotional state, body language and reinforcing appropriate behavior. In turn, the dog learns how to understand and communicate with you. Our expert trainers will help create a life lasting human-animal bond that will keep both ends of the leash working together to create perfection in training.

KPA CTP Certified Trainers

Consults with The Ohio State University Veterinary Behaviorists for In-Depth Cases

17 Years of Dog Training Experience

The ONLY Board & Train program in Columbus that exclusively uses positive reinforcement training and has veterinarians on site

We understand dog training can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help.

Board & Train

During Board & Train, your dog stays with us to receive engaging, positive reinforcement training! The program is catered to every concern you have with your dog. This ranges from the basics such as sit, stay, recall and leash walking in distracting environments to more serious behavioral concerns such as reactivity to other dogs or people, interdog aggression and resource guarding.

With In-Home Training we train you, and you train your dog! In-Home training gives you the skills to work with your dog daily and with weekly check-ins we will make sure that you are progressing quickly. Perfect for dogs who are reactive, aggressive or fearful.

In-Home Training

Group Training

In Group Training you’ll learn with your dog in a social training environment. Structured group classes run 5-6 weeks and teach your puppy or adult dog everything from basic socializing skills to basic obedience training.

Teaching your dog to listen is simple!

Process Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Tell us about your dog, your goals and your progress. This will enable us to determine the best program for your dog!

Process Step 2

Choose the Right Package

From the completely hands off board & train package to you teaching your dog in group classes, we offer every level of involvement to fit your lifestyle.

Process Step 3

Love Life with Your Dog

After training with us, you will have better lines of communication with your dog and be comfortable integrating them into your everyday life.

It’s time to stop trying training that doesn’t work.

Aversive training with shock collars, pinch collars, sprays and punishment can traumatize your pet and will cause more harm than help. You need to clearly communicate and motivate your dog — not punish them when they just don’t understand what you are asking them to do.

It’s time to stop trying training that doesn't work.

Happy Pet Parent Stories

We love reinventing how our clients live their lives with their pups!

“We had a great experience with Reale Dog Training and I would highly recommend them to anyone. We first met Phil when he came to our house for in-home training sessions. He took the time to explain his training methods, worked patiently with us and our puppy to teach us, and included my kids in the training process too. We then attended puppy kindergarten classes and did a week-long board and train program. The staff was very helpful, flexible and accessible during the time our dog was staying with them. They responded to calls and texts with updates and pictures to let us know how he was doing.

Phil and all the staff were professional, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and took the time to get to know us and our dog to best work through the issues we were dealing with. We would highly recommend it!”

Lisa Hricisin

Yes, every pup can learn to be a great dog!

Yes, every pup can learn to be a great dog!

After working with us, our clients finally have peace of mind to take their dog anywhere and communicate clearly. You too can become empowered and enjoy all the benefits of a professionally trained dog.

Our Graduates:

Are not reactive to other dogs or animals

Peacefully walk on a loose leash

Are not aggressive or intimidating to other people or animals

Have great manners at home with visitors

Clicker-trained and ready to learn new skills with you

Teaching your dog to listen is simple!

With more businesses becoming pet friendly comes increased opportunity for you to include your pup. Build your relationship with your dog and finally trust them to be able to go out in public with you whenever you want, listen to you, and improve the bond between human and animal.